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Air Care 500

  • At medical sites like operation theatres, I.C.C.U., I.C.U, N.IC.U, Post Operative wards, Trauma Wards, Casualty rooms etc.
  • Suitable for small rooms in laboratories, pathology labs,microbiology departments where bacteria or micro organism free air is desired.
  • At homes in a closed room specially for allergic patients suffering from respiratory diseases like asthma, pneumonia & other air borne diseases.
  • Suited in dental clinics O.P.D rooms, Waiting areas to guard against cross infection from patient.

Parameters Model- Air Care 500
500 sqft Area covred
Product size 340x222x610mm
Air flow volume Approx 150m3/h
Power rating 60W
Noise Level <45dB
Filtration/Sterilization levels 1.Pre - filter
4.Activated Carbon filter
6.UV Lights
8.RH & temp display
Controls Touch screen panrl and remote control